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MAIA Gießsystem


Moisture Monitoring

Plant1 Graph format

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Berlin, 12/2017


When the system is active, the ESP8266 module sends every 10 min the plants moisture values, from the capacitive sensors, to my Website. The samples values are saved through PHP scripting language and MySQL database. The graphs are also displayed through PHP using pictures.

Approximately one week data is storage and through the graphs is possible to check all values with different time windows (Graph format), from 1 hour and half to 4 days. It's also possible rewind to see older data and forward to see recent data. After one week an e-mail is sent with graphics and CSV files with the moisture data. Finally all the old data is erased from the database and the process begins all over again.

* Before I displayed the graphs through my Website I had help from the ThingSpeak platform to save the data.